This is a comprehensive blog of police and military K-9 info, tips, links, recommendations, photos, videos, news, events, etc.

* K-9 professionals please feel free to submit a story, info, photo, or video. Email it to: thek9experience@gmail.com to be posted on the blog or share it in a comment of a related post.

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The K-9 community  has a unique type of comradery and the sharing of info and showing off our K9 partners is something we take pride in. Out of my passion for K-9 training, work and shared experiences I have had with my fellow K-9 professionals,  I started this blog  as a place for K-9 handlers and trainers to share experiences.  But, recently I have decided to use the site for comprehensive information related to all things K-9.  This will include news stories, training tips, K-9 links, recommendations, photos, videos, etc. Comments are encouraged.

Some background:  

     I have been an explosives detection canine handler with a large metro police K-9 unit for many years. My training was done at a federal canine training program on steroids. Through intense training, real calls, and working with other local and federal K-9 professionals, I have gained an invaluable amount of knowledge related to the K-9 world. I have retired 2 amazing German Shepherd partners so far. I love what I do and plan to spend the rest of my days working with dogs and other professionals with the same passion.

Contributors to this blog:

A. Shumate, E.D. K-9 Handler/Trainer



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