Retired K-9s

Retired K-9 Announcements and Updates


                                   K-9 Kyta      K-9 Rexo

These are my retired EDD K-9s Rexo and Kyta. Kyta retired at 7 years old due to her back. She still has the drive and energy of a 2 yr. old… if only her back could have held up. Rexo retired this year due to old age at 11 years. He was a very independent searcher and loved to work.

 K-9 Tabbie

Tabbie (8 yr old EDD K-9) retired this year due to seizures. She is a one of a kind chocolate lab who broke the mold for bomb dogs. She was very independent and fast paced. She will be missed by the unit. Check out her videos on the videos page.

K-9 Haro

Haro was a 10yr. old EDD K-9. He retired due to his age and is doing well at home. He was a true “push button” dog who had amazing drive all the way to his retirement.

 K-9 Rex

Rex (EDD) is enjoying his retirement at home picking on the new guy. Happy Retirement Rex!

K-9 Jan “Gun”

Gun retired this month due to a neck injury. He has had surgery and is making a miraculous recovery. He is a perfect example of the drive and will to be active and alive. Happy Retirement!


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